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Dreams to join the military and law enforecment all gone

“If I am convicted of a felony, I’m never going to be a police officer. I’m never going to be a fireman. I’m never going to be in the military,” he added. “I won’t even be able to be a janitor. I’m 18 years old, and this is going to ruin my entire life.”



Spec Ops and local authorities training to raid U.S. Citizens

However, the fact that they are training for domestic operations such as raiding American farm houses, setting up domestic checkpoints, and conducting other related raids on the home-front should be terrifying to every single American that desires to keep what little shred of freedom they have left. – See more at: http://humansarefree.com/2014/02/local-police-now-trains-with-special.html#sthash.4zJFUusY.dpuf