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Bundy and The People Vs. BLM

The Bureau of Land Management quietly dismantled its so-called “First Amendment areas” in northeastern Clark County on Thursday, as the fight over Cliven Bundy’s cattle widened into a national debate about states’ rights and federal land-use policy.

State lawmakers from Arizona to Washington are headed for Nevada to rally alongside the Bundy family and its supporters. Most of them are tea party Republicans or Libertarians associated with a patriot group known as the Oath Keepers.


Armed Fed Agents and Snipers? Nevada Rancher Is Taking on the Gov’t in a Battle That’s Reaching a Breaking Point

Armed federal agents deployed last week to northeast Clark County, Nev., for what can only be described as a major escalation in a decades-long standoff between a local cattle rancher and the U.S. government.

Cliven Bundy, right, and Clance Cox, left, stand at the Bundy ranch near Bunkerville Nev. Saturday, April 5, 2014. The U.S. Bureau of Land Management started taking cattle on Saturday from rancher Bundy, who it says has been trespassing on U.S. land without required grazing permits for over 25 years. Bundy doesn't recognize federal authority on land he insists belongs to Nevada. (AP Photo/Las Vegas Review-Journal, John Locher) AP Photo/Las Vegas Review-Journal, John Locher

Cliven Bundy, the last remaining rancher in the southern Nevada county, stands in defiance of a 2013 court order demanding that he remove his cattle from public land managed by the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Land Management.

NC drivers could be charged by the mile; NCDOT hears proposal

The proposal would be to charge .5-cents-per-mile for cars, which would generate almost $500 million in annual state revenue.

At issue are falling state gas tax revenues in part because of more fuel-efficient cars requiring less gas. North Carolina drivers currently pay one of the highest gas taxes in the nation.

Some state leaders say the more drivers use their car, the more they should pay, because more cars rolling cause more wear and tear on the state’s roads.


NC drivers could be charged by the mile; NCDOT hears proposal

Proliferation’ of armed units seen in federal agencies

“It’s one of the untold stories about government,” said former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, who lives in Taos, is an avid skier and has been a leading critic of the operation that turned up only a few minor infractions. “People don’t grasp the size and the scope of these entities and their law enforcement arms.”

FBI seizes trove of cultural artifacts at 91-year-old Indiana man’s home

FBI agents seized thousands of artifacts Wednesday from a 91-year-old man’s private collection at his home in rural central Indiana and says it will return the items that were wrongfully in his possession

Donald Miller, from Waldorn, amassed the collection over eight decades, the FBI said. The items include artifacts from Native Americans, Russia, China, and other nations.