Ukraine: Priests pray between protesters and police (70 people dead – RIP)


ShepNewsTeam ✔ @ShepNewsTeam STUNNING PIC: #Priests pray between police & protesters in #Ukraine.

Nearly 70 people have died today in the violence 12:35 PM – 20 Feb 2014


Peacemaker Monks from the Kiev-Caves Lavra Stopped the Conflict in Ukraine

Kiev, January 22, 2014

Yesterday morning, monks from the Kiev-Caves Lavra Fr. Gabriel, Fr. Melchisedek, and Fr. Ephraim stood on Grushevsky Street in Kiev with a cross and icons, between the demonstrators and the Ukrainian special police force “Berkut”, and stopped the conflict.They entered the arena as peace-makers, and not in support of one side or the other.


RIP and prayers up for the beautiful people of the Ukraine.


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