New Clues in Suicide of JP Morgan Hong Kong Banker Add to Mystery

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

The mystery and intrigue continue. There’s no denying these deaths suggest something big is going on and possibly about to hatch into our awareness. 

George Soros bet $1.3 billion that the US stock market is about to collapse. Betting on his own demise?  A DHS agent claims the US will collapse into martial law within 6 weeks. 

The frenetic stories continue, but I believe the situation is in Divine hands.  The clock is ticking for the dark cabal whether they acknowledge that fact or not. They are doomed.  ~ BP

February 21, 2014

Friends suggest Li Junjie was planning to return to Canada days before death leap

Friends of the JP Morgan banker who leapt to his death from a high rise building in Hong Kong this week, becoming the 7th financial worker to die under strange circumstances in recent weeks, suggest that he was planning to return to Canada…

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